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Meet Tara, CEO & Coach

 “I consider leadership to be my mission field and calling. The impact one leader can have on dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lives is incredible! And humbling. . . as a leader, what is the impact you’re having on your sphere of influence? The people in your sphere matter to me. They deserve great leadership. You matter to me. You deserve the investment in your growth and development.”

Transforming Status Quo is our Purpose. ALIGN is our how.

Business owners, leaders, and organizations who work with us have a vision and are ready to make the changes needed to ALIGN leadership, goals, values, talent, resources, and action. At ALIGN, we enjoy developing leaders, improving culture, and creating structure for companies that care about their people. They are willing to invest in the growth and development for themselves and their people because they understand it is a win-win

.ALIGN Core Values

Connection: We believe we were each designed for connection. We build bridges between people, opportunities, ideas, and resources.
Innovation: We employ creative problem solving, new perspectives, and strategic connections into everything we do in order to propel your vision forward.
Becoming: We have never “arrived” and there is always room to grow. We are always improving, stretching, growing into who we were designed to be.
Humility: None of this is about us. This is about YOU: your vision, your development, your future.
Generosity: We believe life is better when you go above and beyond, assuming the best, and give freely without expectation.

ALIGN Partnerships

We partner with trusted coaches, key experts, and organizations who share our core values and care as much as we do about our clients. When we come across a client or project that requires additional expertise and talent, we will bring these trusted partners into the scope and you will benefit from having ALIGNed professionals working with and for you.

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