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Meet Tara, CEO & Strengths Coach

 “I consider leadership to be my mission field and calling. The impact one leader can have on dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lives is incredible! And humbling. . . as a leader, what is the impact you’re having on your sphere of influence? The people in your sphere matter to me. They deserve great leadership. You matter to me. You deserve the investment in your growth and development.”

Meet Pamela, Soul Care Specialist

When we start on a journey of growth, we may discover that we are being inhibited by whispers of unworthiness, shame, insecurity, or even workplace trauma.  What happens in our souls, happens in our cells. Pamela is a trained Soul Care Specialist, Mental Wellness Coach, Counselor, Pastor and Spiritual Director who will provide a safe space for you to share at your comfort level. 

Pamela works with Business Professionals and Faith-based organizations to customize care based on the individual and organizational culture’s needs. 

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