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The skills it takes to get started as a leader, team, or organization are often not the same skills needed to evolve to the next level. Operating with a strengths lens means acknowledging that your team cannot be everything to everyone, but they can be a lot more effective. When you realize what you are doing is no longer working and are ready to evolve, change, and grow…  it’s time to ALIGN.

Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Self Awareness is the #1 factor found in healthy leaders and yet less than 15% of leaders are self-aware of their own talents, opportunities, and the impact they have on those they lead. As leaders, we have an obligation to continue to grow our self-awareness and develop our own leadership. Strengths Coaching provides a powerful framework for helping you succeed based on how you’re naturally wired, providing faster results within your personal style.

Emerging Leaders

New leaders are typically flying blind and rarely provided the tools, guidance, and resources to succeed in leadership. Unfortunately, the only way to learn leadership is to practice–with people–and we can speed up learning to ensure better results when new leaders receive Strengths Coaching as they learn. The best way to invest in future and emerging leaders is to provide coaching and hands-on guidance to facilitate growth. 

Wellbeing at Work

As leaders, we bring our Whole Self to work. Wherever we go, there we are . . . including our emotions and needs. As human beings, we experience hurt and trauma both in our personal and professional lives. There are times when coaching cannot be productive unless we’ve taken time to recover and heal from past experiences. Wellbeing is an integrated mental wellness approach that pauses to address those deeper needs.

Each team member has their own physical, psychological and social capabilities and opportunities. Personalization supports them where they are today to empower them to where they want to go, ensuring grounding so that they have a secure base from which to Lead and Grow.

Team Dynamics

Let’s face it, teamwork is messy and can be difficult as we navigate differing personalities, styles, and talents. We can reduce conflict, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity by learning to honor and leverage the unique contributions of each team member. Team coaching is intended for dyads, triads, and working teams. It typically includes a combination of individual and team coaching sessions. The beauty of CliftonStrengths® is that it highlights each person’s motivations to succeed and encourages team members to grow in their understanding of each other.

Team Building & Facilitation Expertise Includes:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Critical Decision-Making Events
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Panel Discussions
  • Focus Groups 
  • Employee and Customer Advisory Groups

Strategy & Operations

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” ~Peter Drucker

When your culture is healthy and aligned, a solid strategy is worth its weight in gold!  This is why we combine leadership development and team dynamics with any strategic planning or operational initiatives. As professional business consultants, the goal of ALIGN is to bring objectivity and a fresh viewpoint to your business. Leaders often get so focused working in their business, that they struggle to gain perspective and intentionally set aside time to work ON the business. We help you recognize the areas to adjust, create an action plan, and reALIGN your business.

With 3+ years of experience as an “Integrator” in the EOS model and over 10 years of strategic planning experience, Tara also brings expertise and a unique perspective to small business operations.

Strategic areas of expertise include:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Operations
    • Organizational Structure
    • Growth & Brand Positioning
    • Succession Strategy
    • Team Dynamics & Collaboration
    • Employee Retention, Recognition & Engagement
    • Change Management

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