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Coaching Individuals

Self-Awareness was recently found to be THE predictor of leadership success and strengths-based coaching is a powerful tool for leaders to gain awareness and intentionally grow leadership ability. Tara is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and committed to unlocking your potential by aligning individual and team talent to succeed.


Leadership & Executive Coaching

Less than 15% of leaders are self-aware of their own talents, opportunities, and the impact they have on those they lead. As leaders, we have an obligation to continue to grow our self-awareness and develop our own leadership. Strengths Coaching provides a powerful framework for helping you succeed based on how you’re naturally wired, providing faster results within your personal style.

Business Owner Coaching

We understand and love the owners of owner-operated businesses. You have a unique set of challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities to manage while driving forward your business and ambitions. Culture starts with the leaders, which means it starts with you. Owner coaching combines Strengths coaching with tenets of business operating systems to help you develop as a leader while transforming your business results.

Emerging Leader Coaching

New leaders are often thrown into management roles without any experience in managing people. It can be complex, overwhelming, and defeating when the new manager doesn’t receive the training, guidance, and support needed to be successful. Emerging Leader coaching walks alongside new (and soon-to-be) managers so they can be intentional in how they lead.

Career & Transition Coaching

Unfulfilled and unsatisfied at work? Let’s ALIGN your career with your strengths, purpose, and values. Let’s define success based on the life you want to live rather than your life bending to the will of your career. Sometimes the shift helps us show up differently in the role we have and sometimes it’s about finding the right cultural fit for our needs and talents. Integrating your Strengths, Clarifying your Values, and Identifying your Purpose are all part of Career and Transition Coaching with ALIGN.

Coaching Teams

Let’s face it, teamwork is messy and can be difficult as we navigate differing personalities, styles, and talents. We can reduce conflict, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity by learning to honor and leverage the unique contributions of each team member. Team coaching is intended for dyads, triads, and working teams. It typically includes a combination of individual and team coaching sessions. The beauty of CliftonStrengths® is that it highlights each person’s motivations to succeed and encourages team members to grow in their understanding of each other.

This coaching typically includes a combination of individual and team coaching sessions.

Dyad Coaching

One plus One equals Three when you are leveraging each other’s strengths and paving the way for clear communication. Whether two people are working together for the first time or have been business partners for 20+ years, Dyad coaching provides a Strengths-based approach for improving collaboration and communication as well as handling conflict in productive ways. A few examples of dyads who have benefited from this coaching service: 

    • Business Partners
    • Colleagues working through Conflict
    • Supervisor/Supervisee Onboarding
    • Co-leading or Co-managing a common team

A Strengths-based approach creates a common non-judgmental language, breaks down assumptions, and provides context to WHY our colleagues interact with us the way they do. It explores ways you are naturally aligned as well as natural opportunities for tension and miscommunication. Dyad coaching will deepen your understanding; improve collaboration and communication; and allow you to more quickly move through conflict in the future. 

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