The ALIGN Impact

It takes one to know 


The ALIGN Impact

It takes one to know one.

At ALIGN, we’ve been students of high-impact leadership practices for several decades. And frankly, we’ve sometimes learned the hard way. As business leaders in a variety of industries—and at organizations of all sizes—we’ve experienced the struggles of disconnected team members working toward disparate goals. We understand that people development is business development. And that the only path toward sustained success includes a solid people- and culture-building strategy.



Value Model



To grow and develop, we must first gain awareness.



We identify opportunities to align culture with the intended brand identity and direction.



We provide resources to help you implement practices resulting in transformation.

Being consumed by people challenges:

  • Negative company culture
  • Employees not engaged or feel unhappy
  • Blame and shame
  • High employee turnover
  • Lack of accountability and teamwork 
  • Poor communication

Experience the success of engaged individuals and teams:

  • Clear processes and procedures
  • Continuous improvement
  • Effectively prioritizing resources
  • Communication that makes employees and customers feel heard
  • Increased revenue and profits

What others have to say

"I took over my dad's business after he died —it was a new industry and outside my field of study. After struggling for more than a year, I engaged Tara who helped me identify my strengths and blind spots. She guided me in hiring and firing staff, planning for projects and company growth, and everything else that comes with being the primary decision-maker. My confidence increased 10-fold, and I feel more equipped for my role because of the time spent with Tara."

Patrick Shelar

CAD/CAM Consulting Services


"Tara is an expert on team dynamics and communication. If you are on a journey to figure out how to bring out the best in your team or feel like there's a missing piece in leadership that you're not quite nailing down, let Tara be your guide."

Melissa Shanahan

Velocity Work


"Tara is an expert at helping teams work together. I have seen her grow leaders in exponential ways with minimal intervention because of her depth of knowledge. She is authentic, smart, strategic, and approachable. Beyond her certification as a Strengths coach, she has a deep business background and a proven understanding of people and leadership, and it shows in every client I refer her to."

Katie Manar

Solutions Consulting


"We each have stories, shame, and anger, and when you connect with someone who can tell you about who you are and why you see the world the way you do, it's powerful. To hear someone say 'I see you, and I understand you' —that's life-changing."

Stephanie Theisen

Chief Operating Officer
Leighton Media


"The time spent with Tara has been insightful, intriguing, and impactful; both in our business and in the professional and personal lives of each of our leaders. We look forward to continuing to partner with Tara and her team of coaches as we "Ground and Align" and emerge into a "High Performing, Thriving Team." This is too valuable a journey not to engage!

We are delighted and thrilled to recommend the services of ALIGN."

Shantel Jasczak

President & CFO
Consumer Directions