Strengths-Based Services for Ministry

At Align, we provide an intentional, faith-informed road map to discover your unique Strengths as individuals, as a team and as an organization. Let’s unleash the created potential within each of us to make an impact personally and throughout your ministry.  

Leadership & Ministry Coaching

We need your specific gift, develop it. “Leadership is a stewardship, it is temporary and you’re accountable.”– Stanley

Growing leaders takes intention. Strengths-based leadership is about taking the talent that was created in an individual and investing the time and effort to unlock the full potential. 

 “Coaching not only revealed that I have valuable talents; it also gave me the profound realization that I can use my talents to leverage the talents of others. There’s a compounding effect of living a strengths-focused life, and I can’t wait to do this more.” Steve Saccone, Campus Pastor, Mosaic L.A., Leading Through Strengths

Ministry Staff Development

“Living Your Strengths allows you to discover the God-given talents of your congregation (and staff) in the most objective and accurate way. This information is invaluable if you are serious about building a world-class congregation.” John C Maxwell, Best-selling author and founder of INJOY, ISS, and EQUIP, Leading Through Strengths

High potential employees expect that they will get opportunities to grow, develop, and advance. Through Strengths based coaching, we can help you identify the talent that already exists on your team and develop your organization’s true potential. 

Ministry Teams

The best leaders are not well-rounded, the best teams are. – Clifton

There is no denying the power of the right fit when building teams. The right combination of complementary talents produces powerful results.

“After almost four years of serving on the church board, I had yet to fully know or understand those with whom I was working. Then, we underwent strengths coaching, I learned more about my teammates in one evening than in all my previous years on the board. It was the most meaningful and significant time we’ve spent together.” Heidi Zwart, Board Member, Eagle Brook Church MN, Leading through Strengths.

Team Coaching

Reduce conflict, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity by learning to honor and leverage the unique contributions of each team member. This coaching is intended for dyads, triads, and small teams and typically includes a combination of individual and team coaching sessions. The beauty of CliftonStrengths® is that it highlights the unique ways God wired you to succeed and encourages you to lean into who He designed you to be.

Ministry Facilitation

When your faith-friendly culture has a new language for personal discovery and development, adding effective facilitation will transform meetings and discussions into effective planning that propels a team, initiative, or organization forward. We are skilled at facilitating meaningful discussions, listening for key insights, clarifying options, and keeping a group moving toward a common goal.

Ministry Health, Wellbeing & Spiritual Direction

Many churches simply don’t grow because they suffer from conflict and many teams never thrive because there’s simply too much tension.

We want to have a healthy ministry team and culture, we name it in our mission statement, speak about it in church…until a difficult conflict arises, emotions are heated, people choose sides and we don’t have a path for re-connection.

“I think Christians often struggle with conflict because: In the name of grace, we feel we need to sacrifice truth. When we speak truth, we often don’t know how to speak it with grace. We worry about hurting other people’s feelings when one of the best things we can do is offer honest feedback.” – Carey Nieuwhof

Let’s face it, ministry is messy.  Pastors, Staff and Volunteers may experience burnout or wounding while serving in the church or ministry and it can lead to chaos and confusion within our teams. In caring for the soul of our teammates and volunteers, we are caring for the culture of our church.

We can become healthy, work through conflict, build trust and forgive. Often, we need a trained, outside advisor to help individuals and teams do just that. 

To build trust, we will get curious and encourage exploration of:

  • What’s it like to be on the other side of me?
  • Am I telling the truth to others and myself, really?
  • Did I go directly to the individual I’m in conflict with?
  • Are you assuming the best about other people?
  • Am I allowing old wounds, personal insecurities, shame, or jealousy to hijack the opportunity for reconciliation?

Pamela is a Pastor, Senior Spiritual Director and Experienced Biblical Counselor who can offer a safe, confidential space to process, recover, restore and heal. 

Pamela has over 30 years of ministry experience on staff with missions organizations, non-profits, and church’s. She works with individuals and staff teams to customize training and care based on the individual and organizational culture’s needs.

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