Tara Gronhovd, CEO and Founder of Align, Executive Coach

Strategic | Activator | Ideation | Individualization | Communication

I believe deeply in transforming the status quo. I am a Change Agent and I apply that talent to every aspect of my life. Over the last few years, I have been on a journey to become healthy in mind, body and spirit. Starting Align is a continuation of my talent for transformation and a culmination of my passion for leadership and my genuine love for business.


  Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

  Director of Learning and Development for XXX-person grocery chain

   Executive bank leader and Traction Integrator

  Founder of The Buzz Company, a market research and direct marketing business

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Through coaching, I’ve learned that transformation that sticks, sustains, and has real impact happens through ALIGNment. When we ALIGN leadership with goals; when we ALIGN actions with our values; when we ALIGN our people and process with our vision; when we ALIGN our investment of time and resources with our talents, lasting change can happen for leaders, teams and organizations. When I’m not helping overwhelmed leaders, I enjoy cooking and planning fun adventures with family and friends.

Pamela Nelson, Leadership Coach and Counselor

Strategic | Connectedness | Individualization | Relator | Activator

I have always believed that every step of life—good and challenging—has a purpose and that everything is connected to lead us to our “why.” CliftonStrengths gave language to what was intuitive for me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with individuals and teams on wellbeing.

Even the most successful individuals can be striving to silence the whispers of insecurity, unworthiness, unhealed trauma, regret and shame. This shows up as unhealthy reactions at work or home, burnout, lack of joy, questioning why we aren’t happy, a suspicious thought-life, and hiding our true selves. I help people unpack their history so they can freely live the story they want to tell.


  Certified Leadership, Mental Wellness and Life Coach

  Trauma Counselor

  Senior Spiritual Director offering faith-based solutions

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I live in Kalispell, Montana, just 20 minutes from Glacier Park. I enjoy time with family and “friends who feel like family.” I am also a musician and songwriter, and I find inspiration through faith, the journey of life, and the beauty of creation.

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