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Q3 Workshop: CONFLICT

You are invited to our Q3 Workshop:
Conflict: Stop Avoiding and Start To Work on Conflict

Unresolved Conflict is costing you and your team time, resources, productivity, energy, and morale. Did you know that the average employee spends 3.8 hours/week due to conflict, tension, and miscommunication? Even if everyone is smiling on the surface, there can be tension underscoring team dynamics.

Most of us are wired to avoid conflict, which serves our comfort in the short term but in reality, it sets us up for failure in the long term. We are human and stress levels right now are high–conflict and tension are inevitable. Unless we learn to deal with the underlying issues, our stress ironically grows while morale and productivity plummet.

When it comes to tension and conflict in the workplace, how are you defining success? What if we shifted our definition of success to instead be that we know how to HANDLE conflict when it arises?

Join us for this 90-minute workshop where we’ll explore “points of natural tension” on every team, common causes of conflict, and strategies for how to handle conflict when it arises. You’ll walk away with tangible ways to reduce tension and improve interpersonal dynamics.

Join us for this essential workplace discussion.

September 27th 11-12:30 CST
Virtual: Zoom
$50 Workshop

FeeFree for current ALIGN Clients

Presented by Tara Gronhovd and ALIGN’s Wellness Coach, Pamela Nelson.