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As professional business consultants, the goal of ALIGN is to bring objectivity and a fresh viewpoint to your business. Because businesses often get so focused working in their business, they struggle to gain perspective and intentionally set aside time to work ON the business.  We help you recognize the areas to adjust, create an action plan, and reALIGN your business.

With 3+ years of experience as an “Integrator” in the EOS model, Tara also brings expertise and a unique perspective to small business operations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business Operating Systems
  • Organizational Structure
  • Performance Management
  • Culture
  • Growth & Brand Positioning
  • Succession Strategy
  • Team Dynamics & Collaboration
  • Employee Retention, Recognition & Engagement
  • Change Management

As a family-owned and operated community bank, Plaza Park Bank had aspirations of growth and succession planning, but had fallen into an operational rut. We implemented EOS® and through that process, set and hit growth goals for 3 years in a row while also significantly changing the leadership structure to ensure future succession.

 “Tara kept the process consistent and kept us focused on our overall goals. An added benefit was that we improved our overall culture to be more positive and shifted to a growth mindset. As a result, PPB was in a stronger position to sell when it came time a few years later.”
Bill Eickhoff, former President of Plaza Park Bank (now Deerwood Bank)

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