Facilitating Business Decisions

Business facilitation is about making certain events, meetings, or decisions less difficult. Effective facilitation transforms meetings and discussions into effective planning. It propels a team, initiative, or organization forward. 

ALIGN is focused on facilitating meaningful discussions, listening for key insights, clarifying options, and keeping a group moving strategically forward. 

Our Facilitation Expertise Includes:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Critical Decision-Making Events
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Panel Discussions
  • Focus Groups
  • Employee and Customer Advisory Groups


As a growing owner-operated business, Daylily Spa Salon felt stuck in its leased location. We implemented a business operating system and Tara facilitated quarterly planning meetings to help the owners set a vision and operationalize their goals, which included acquiring another salon to provide growth as well as building its own facility to expand their mission while gaining cost efficiencies. They recently opened their brand new facility in June 2020.

 “We were able to achieve our goals of acquiring another salon and building our new facility faster than expected because of our work with Tara. Tara helped us set a vision and kept us focused on our plan to achieve it. In addition, we really enjoy working with Tara and trust her guidance.”

~Katie Schmitz & Stephanie Lewis, Co-Owners

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