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Insights, inspiration, and ideas from the ALIGN team to build your confidence

We believe practice makes progress. The practice of leadership is a journey that continues throughout your leadership years. Our quarterly newsletter provides relevant insights from our coaches on how to keep practicing so you can keep progressing.

At the Grounding and Growing Leadership Podcast team, we believe that everyone is a leader and leadership starts with you. Join Tara and Pamela on our podcast as we navigate conversations to grow you and your teams on your leadership journeys.

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Our goal is to help you become an effective leader. We recommend these tools to every leader, whether you’re leading a team of two or 200.

Stay Tuned! More resources coming soon!!

Progress takes practice and practice creates progress. Each quarter, we host an online workshop that focuses on real-time issues that leaders are navigating today. Keep an eye out here for our upcoming workshop and how to sign up.

The Art of Feedback

Asking for and receiving feedback builds connection and trust with those we lead while modeling your values regarding growth. 

The art of feedback requires more than just a script. Join us as we dive into the complexities of giving and receiving feedback. You will leave with tangible tools (including scripts and talking points) you can use to improve your leadership feedback skills immediately.