Transforming Learning

Learning doesn’t happen in workshops and training. Learning comes from the reflection, practice, and application of new information. We guarantee that you will leave each workshop with ideas you can implement immediately and tangible tools to help you move into action.

In addition to the workshops listed below, we frequently develop custom presentations, workshops, and training for clients focusing on a variety of topics including team dynamics and team building. Contact us for more information.


Quarterly Workshops

Each quarter, workshops are offered to help clients manage current challenges in the workplace environment. Our next workshop will be held in August or September.

We’ve got a great topic in mind that affects every team, everywhere. We hope you’ll join us!

Strengths-Based Development Workshops*

My workshops are tailored just for you and your team. Individuals join me at my 60-minute Introduction to CliftonStrengths, where you’ll learn to better understand your strengths, while leaving with clear actions on how to use the unique contributions to better your team.

I also offer workshops to guide you with ALIGNing your strengths for success. By increasing self-awareness, you’ll walk away with tools to help you use your top strengths for tackling challenges and achieving goals.

*Prerequisite for these workshops: Complete the CliftonStrengths™ Assessment  (If you haven’t yet taken the assessment, you can purchase the assessment when you register for the workshop; we’ll send you a code and instructions). 

Amplify: Personal Brand Discovery Workshops

Connecting With Intention – 60 min

Do you hate networking but want to expand your circle or deepen your connections? This workshop will explore the reasons we need connection and a practical approach to building relationships (in business or in life) with intentionality and purpose. Leave with ideas and tools to grow your circle.

Who should attend: Individuals who care about relationships but struggle to find the time, capacity, or confidence to connect with intention. Whether you’re growing your circle in order to gain new friendships or new business relationships, this session is for you.


Leading By Faith Workshops

Leading With Humility – 90 min                 

There is no such thing as a natural-born leader; all leaders require intentionality to develop and improve. Does it matter WHO you are if you’re doing the right things? Is it possible to be a servant leader and also be successful? In this workshop, we’ll explore research about the proven factors that determine a leader’s success as well as the journey we each need to take to transform into the leader our employees deserve.

Who should attend: Self-aware leaders wanting to transform their status quo leadership style into leadership that impacts lives as well as results.
Note: this is a faith-based workshop.


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